Sea Maiden 26 Yasmine

Sea Maiden 26 Yasmine by Robert Kline

Sea Maiden 26 Yasmine by Robert Kline

This beautiful Sea Maiden illustration is from a collection of Sea Maidens (mermaids), Sea Babies (mermaid babies), Sea Masters (merman), pirates, lighthouses and fairies created by renowned artist and novelist Robert Kline of St. Augustine, Florida. The illustrations are from Robert’s novel The Forgotten Voyage of H.M.S. Baci in which Sir Edmund Roberts describes in his log, his various Sea Maiden, Sea Baby and Sea Master sightings. The following is a hint of what is written in the excerpt for this illustration:

The Baci Finale parted the dark Pacific waters with a square prow, it’s steam engines pulsing like a snoring monster. At her stern, alone and watching the long straight wake, stood Edmund C. Roberts, one foot on the lower rail, his arms resting on the upper, his hands cupping his face. It was 3:00am, most of the crew and all of the passengers fast asleep in their bunks, an uneventful day having preceded this quite night. Roberts had awakened from a disturbing dream, dressed and made his way aft. The night air was warm, the sea air thick with salt, the ocean calm.

“Bloody hell,” Roberts muttered, “when, and how will it end?” He was referring to his quest to solve the mystery of his parents’ disappearance. As an indulgent only-child, he’d been certain without true awareness that his life, above all others was enchanted. Wealth and love spilled over him. All he said was noted, all he wished, addressed. And then one day his father had leaned forward and shook his little hand. “Take care old crap, your mum and I will be back before you so much as notice we’re away.” His mother had kneeled to him, embraced him for what seemed like eternity and then stared into his eyes. “I love you, my dearest Little Edmund, and I miss you already. We will be back, I promise.” She had kissed him then, as the words left her mouth, as the world began to spin a different ending, and from that moment on, Little Edmund; little Edmund C. Roberts, had begun his life alone. Nearly thirty years had passed, and now, at last, he had his first real clue as to the circumstances of their unfinished voyage. He remained at the rail for another hour and then returned to his bed. Early the next day he had the ships flight platform readied, his Bleriot XI aeroplane roused from the hold and prepared for flight, and finally, the good ship Baci Finale turned into the wind. That, and the ship’s speed generated enough lift so the frail construct of canvas, wire and wood barely accelerated (to be kind) forty feet before the crew members running alongside steadying the wings let go and watched Roberts sputter aloft.

He ever so slowly pulled ahead of the ship and then carefully clawed his way into the morning sky. He flew along the coast for nearly twenty minutes before the aircraft’s engine began to sputter and then miss dramatically. Roberts, his course parallel to and barely a hundred yards seaward of the shore, mothered his Bleriot to a landing on a grassy field. He walked back to the beach to await his ship, where he spied his twenty-sixth Sea Maiden, she enthralled with a crustacean.

His journal reads simply:
Spied another. I still cannot generate desire to attempt a capture.

This illustration is available for purchase in the following matted sizes: 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10″, 11″ x 14″ and an 11″ x 17″ that comes unmatted on a piece of 1/4″ foam board.

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